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It describes your mental ability to grab anything, how easily you grasp something, all depends upon the Fifth House of horoscope. It indicates the calculative speculations. The Fifth House of the horoscope can be described in various ways:.

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Intelligence, affection, atman, discriminating power, children, fame, sanchit karma accumulated karmas of all lives so far and position should be predicted from Fifth House in Astrology. Fifth House represents the first conception of child, pleasures, society and social inclinations. It shows the tastes and fancies, artistic talents, recreation, entertainment, banquets and parties, romance, love, affair, cinema, place of entertainment, theatrical performances.

It is connected with the all types of materials and physical pleasures like games, sports, opera, drama, music, dance, merriment and amusements.

5th House Vedic Astrology

Inclination of the native can be seen through the Fifth House of Astrology. According to Uttara Kalamrita , Fifth House is known to be a major factor in representing attributes such as good morals, mechanical art, discretion, discrimination between virtue and sin, prayer by incantations, chanting of vedic hymns, religious mindedness, deep pondering, profound learning and wisdom, enormous richest hereditary post, a long literary production, festive occasion, intense satisfaction, a great desirable action, paternal property, liaisons with courtesans and gift of cooked rice. According to Rishi Parashara , Fifth House indicates the fall in higher or royal status of the native as Fifth House is eighth from tenth house.

It represents meditation, spiritual practice, mantras and yantras, ishta devta, disciples and invitation to religious ceremonies. It derives the spiritual quest driven by mental power. Fifth House represents higher specialized education, education with fellowship, post graduation, writing, reading, debate, research, mental quest, skilling.

Purva Punyas/ past good deeds - with Jupiter

It is also considered as the house of speculative gains, trading in stock exchange, shares, gambling, betting, match fixing, lottery etc. The pilgrimage has to be predicted by taking into consideration to the 2nd, 5th, 7th and eleventh houses. Fifth House represents love affairs, the degree to which affairs will be successful, courtship, licentiousness, legitimate and illegitimate attraction and social intercourse between sexes, rape, kidnap.

It shows the physical and magnetic attraction between partners. This house represents belly, stomach and heart. It also represents right cheeks, right side of the heart or the right knee optional as per the drekkan chart. In Mundane Astrology , Fifth House represents the intellectuals, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculative nature of the people, investments, stock exchange, children, population, universities, morals and values of the people.

It relates to the birth rate and their interests, amusement parks, movies, theatre, arts, places of entertainment, sports, all kind of entertainment and pleasures. It rules over ambassadors, government representatives and diplomats from foreign countries. It represents the Ministry of Education, education, schools, morals and betting, economy of country through speculative interests, public happiness or sorrow, educational facilities, art and artistic profile of the nation. The fifth house is said to preside over society, pleasure, and social inclinations.

It has to do with the tastes and fancies, artistic talents, and property that are derived through the wife or luck of the business partner. The type of entertainment, recreation, amusements, romance, sports activities and other similar interests are said to be denoted by the fifth house.

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It is related with all the material as well as physical pleasures such as music, games, dance, theater, opera, sports, merriment, amusement, banquets, music and different kinds of amusements. Being a trine house, the fifth house indicates the poorva punya sthana which indicates the deeds of merit one may have done in their previous birth.

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  6. It has also to do with the speculative aspects and affairs related to enterprise that is prompted by the sign. Games of chance such as cards, gambling, puzzles, crosswords, lottery and shares or betting and stock exchange are indicated by the fifth house. Aspects of the Fifth Bhava. The domain of the fifth house also indicates love affairs, extent of success or failure of the individual in love, courtship and licentiousness.

    It influences the legitimate as well as illegitimate attraction and sexual intercourses between the sexes before wedlock, rape, kidnap and more. In the matters relating to the national and diplomatic affairs, the fifth house indicates ambassadors, banquets and envoys. The characteristics of the fifth house stand for morality, mechanical art, discretion, ability to distinguish between virtues and vice, prayer by chanting, chanting of the Vedic hymns, religious bent of mind and others. The fifth house stands for festive occasions, hereditary posts, profound learning, wisdom, pondering, literature, paternal property, liaisons with courtesans and the gift of cooked rice.

    The chanting of sacred hymns and mantras, spiritual practices, intelligence and literary competence are indicated. The tutelary deity of a person, intelligence, son, religious merit and ruler of the sovereign are ascertained from the placement of the fifth house. According to the attributes of the fifth house, the person in question will be inclined towards taking risks and speculation.

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    The gains or losses thus incurred are indicated by the plant in which the lord of the fifth house is conjoined or the house or planet by which it is aspected. The bad qualities of the fifth cusp from the lord of five or eight or twelve refer to gains obtained in speculation.

    Gains to the partner and profit to the opponent are predicted. Applications of the 5 th House. Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person. Biswarup Tarafder. Astrology Articles. Rising Sign.